So you’ve decided you want Joley Aire puppy in the future? That’s great!

In order to hold a spot for you in line we ask for a deposit. The deposit lets me know that you are serious and committed to buying one of our puppies. We put a lot of work into finding suitable homes for our puppies and we would hate to turn other great homes away if you were to back out.

When you click to purchase a deposit, you’ll be taken to an application to fill out.


Once your application is approved, you’ll be asked to place a $400 deposit to reserve your spot in line for an upcoming litter.

Important Deposit Notes:

  • Deposits are generally non-refundable (we are nice people and may consider refunds for extreme circumstances).

  • Deposits can be transferred from one litter to another, but requests must be made in writing.

  • Your spot in line is determined by the date your deposit was received.

  • We reserve the right to the first 2 picks of each litter.