Do you remember your childhood dog? That faithful hound you played fetch with in the yard or wrapped your arms around when things were tough. That dog that stayed by your side as you walked down the sidewalk and looked into your eyes and tilted his head when you talked as if he knew exactly what you were saying.

Almost everyone had that one dog growing up, or always wished they did. You know the dogs I’m talking about? The ones like Shadow and Chase, Ol’ Dan and Little Ann, Old Yeller, Skip, Beethoven, Benji, and Winn Dixie.There’s something powerful about that one childhood dog that stays with a person for the rest of their lives even long after the dog has passed.

At Joley Aire, we have made it our mission to provide families with that one dog for their kids to grow up with.

Why? Because we are parents just like you that want our kids to benefit from the lifelong lessons we had from that one dog. Those lessons of responsibility, empathy, connection, and love came directly from our childhood pets and remain with us today.

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The name

“Joley Aire” is special to us because it is the combination of our three kid’s names. We are all about family and love to bless other families with incredible puppies to experience an amazing life with.

We live on the prairies of Illinois next to a couple of small lakes. Our fenced in acreage is the perfect place for and dogs to get to run around and play and live like dogs should. We love seeing them in a natural setting.


The first thing we keep in mind is to breed dogs that will be perfect for kids. That’s what led us to Goldendoodles. They have the kind heart of the Golden Retriever and the hypoallergenic* qualities of the Poodle for those kids suffering from allergies (and the moms that don’t want to deal with shedding).

We’ve been breeding Goldendoodles since 2017. We love the F1b generation because it provides the best chance for lower shedding dogs.

We also breed for mini to medium sized Goldendoodles to fit in all types of homes. Typically our puppies grow to be 20 to 40lbs.

The coloring we try for is cream to red. We do get some pretty apricot colored puppies and every once and a while they’ll have white markings.

As far temperament goes, Reagan’s puppies are high energy and spunky. Ronnie’s tend to be more laid back.


We are excited to announce we will be adding Bernedoodles to our program!!!

Taking home a puppy

When you buy a puppy from Joley Aire you can be assured that it was well loved and cared for through every step of it's life. Our puppies are all well socialized with other dogs and kids alike and have excellent temperaments.


Learn more about our Puppy Adoption Process here.

If there are no puppies available, be sure to sign up to our waiting list to be among the first to know when a new litter arrives. You can find a sign up form at the bottom of every page of this website.

Our History

I (Rebekah) had an amazing Dalmatian name Gino. That dog was seriously the best dog ever. I could tell endless stories about her loyalty, obedience, and friendships, but I’ll spare you.

My husband grew up with a dog named Ricky, a toy Fox Terrier that he describes as a football with legs!

As a couple and a business, we started out with our first Goldendoodle: Reagan and immediately fell in love with the breed. They are spunky and sweet and, of course, minimally shedding. It wasn't long before we found ourselves bringing home a second Goldendoodle, this time a mini, and named her Ronnie.

In 2018 we moved to a house with more acreage and added a few more dogs to our “Pack”.

Name *


For questions or more information, please contact Rebekah Schwind using the following methods:

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  • Call/text: 309.339.7713

  • Mail: 309 Macallen Lake Rd. Carlock, IL 61725

  • Or use the form to the right >>


*No dog is truly hypoallergenic, but these dogs lessen the chances of causing allergic reactions by not shedding as much.