The first question most people ask is, “What’s the price?”. Admit it, that’s why you’re here, right?

I get that it’s important to stay within budget on things (we’re big Dave Ramsey fans!), however, I also know that it’s worth saving up for something of incredible value.

Before I tell you the adoption fee we ask for these amazing puppies, I want to make sure you understand the value.


Value of owning a dog

Having a dog is amazing. They give you love and affection, friendship, an excuse to get outside and be healthy, and so much entertainment.


The Huffington Post names 10 health benefits to having a dog. also has 10 benefits you probably never thought of before. Time has some research done about the benefits of owning a dog.

And, while I know you could have Googled “benefits of having a dog” just as easily as I did, I just wanted to point out that I’m not the only one that thinks there is incredible value in simply owning a dog.

Value of having a dog for your kids

This is our passion at Joley Aire: Providing amazing puppies to build good character in kids. I truly believe that dogs can teach kids so many incredibly important lessons that they will carry with them the rest of their lives.

July 21, 2017-Backyard kids Photoshoot-048.JPG

Dogs teach kids about responsibility, self esteem, love, and empathy. They motivate kids to move more, get outside, and live healthier lifestyles.

Look at it this way: you probably wouldn’t think too much about buying your kid a tablet or phone for Christmas, right?

But, with that device come the dangers of screen addictions, laziness, bad behavior, and many other mental and physical health concerns.

Too much screen time can have a negative affect on children socially as it is a very isolating thing.

Even worse, in a year, that device will be totally outdated and obsolete. It will need to be replaced with something newer to function.

When a kid gets a puppy, they become more active and increase their physical fitness.

Puppies teach kids to treat others with kindness as opposed to the violence shown in many games.

A dog will provide your kids with real, substantial memories to carry with them through the rest of their lives (if you grew up with a dog, you know what I mean).

Dogs help kids connect with other kids and feel confident in social settings whereas screens are isolating.

Value of a Joley Aire Dog

Joley Aire dogs are extra special in many, many ways. When adopting one into your family, you will be sure to experience unending benefits.

We have been very intentional about the dogs we breed, paying close attention to temperament and personality as well as great looks. Our mission is to bring perfect family dogs into this world and every breeding decision we make is with that in mind.


Our dogs are spoiled rotten and get top quality food, veterinary care, and grooming. We have a great fenced in 2 acre back yard where they can play, run, and just be dogs.

Our puppies are brought up in our home and are well trained and socialized. We use Puppy Culture protocols and make sure they spend plenty of time with our three kids.


Every puppy goes home with all their first shots completed, dewormed, and vet checked. We send them home with essential gear and supplies, as well as all the education and support the new puppy owner needs.

When you take home a Joley Aire dog, you become a part of a close knit community of dog lovers that share a passion for these incredible animals.

A ton of time, research, investment, and love is put into every one of our puppies. The privileged of adopting one is very special.


Now that I’ve shared the incredible value that goes into our amazing puppies, I’d be happy to tell you about our pricing. Just click the button below to reveal it.



We price every litter differently, so we never know exactly what they are going to cost. However, we can give you some ranges as a guideline for what to expect:

Medium F1b Goldendoodles (Reagan’s Puppies)

  • Males: $1600 - $1800

  • Females: $1700 - $2000

Mini F1b Goldendoodles (Ronnie’s Puppies)

  • Males: $1800 - $2000

  • Females: $1900 - $2200

F1b Bernedoodles (Izzy’s Puppies)

  • Price range: $2800-$3800


We are happy to provide a few discounts. Please inquire by email to take advantage of these discounts:

Military - 10% off - Thank you for serving our country!

Case Study - $100 refund after 1 year.

Guardian Home - Coming Soon

Giveaways - Sometimes we host giveaways of puppy gear, supplies, education, and even adoption fee discounts! Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and sign up for our Newsletter to know when these giveaways happen.