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If you are at all interested in adopting a Joley Aire puppy into your home, I urge you to join the Newsletter ASAP! This is the best way to stay informed on future litters, when waiting lists open, special deals, and other such news.

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So please accept my invitation to join us on the journey of puppy hood and take the important first step by joining our newsletter.


Rebekah Schwind

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Customize your newsletter

We only want to send you emails you are interested in, so we’ve made a way to customize your newsletter experience.

General Newsletter

The first option is to join our General newsletter. It is published monthly and gives an overview of the goings on at Joley Aire. This is also the best place to go for education, new blog posts, and special deals. We recommend that everyone joins this letter.

Newsletters for individual dogs

In addition to the General Newsletter, you may choose to join any of the specific newsletters for each of our adult dogs. The reason we do this is because I’m sure those of you who are interested in Bernedoodles don’t want to see all the news on our Goldendoodles, right? These separate newsletters will give you updates on that dog’s future litters and status. It will be published monthly until a litter is actually born; then the frequency of emails will increase.

To learn more about each of our dogs or join their newsletter, click on their picture below.