Pack Changes and a Status Update

“Does anyone actually care about this?” I wondered to myself as I sat to write my fifth “Breeder’s Log”. All my marketing research told me that writing about your day to day events is futile and not good for attracting customers. You are supposed to provide helpful, relevant information that helps their life.

Yet, when I sit down and contemplate the goals and information I’d like to communicate to the world, the main theme I keep coming back to is that people will get to know Joley Aire and see what we do for our dogs and puppies, and, eventually, buy their future pet from us.

So, here I am, once again, discussing the day to day operations of a dog breeding business.

Our Dogs and a Status Update

If you’ve followed us on Instagram or Facebook, you may have noticed a few changes in the Joley Aire pack. I thought it would be helpful to share a little about our current dogs and give a status update.

Reagan should be pregnant, but with her last pregnancy not taking, we are anxiously watching and waiting. She had 3 good ties with Chewy and we believe the timing was perfect. It’s still too early to tell, but we’ll definitely keep you updated! Reagan is due September 12th.

Izzy is definitely pregnant and will be having our first Bernedoodle litter on August 27th. We are so excited as we watch her tummy grow! Since she is still pretty shy around us, we are introducing her to the whelping box and pen early to help her get comfortable in it.

Speaking of Izzy….the stud we used for her litter is Fletcher, the Mini Poodle. We bought Fletcher a few months ago, had him health tested and bred him to Izzy. Since then, we’ve decided to find a new home for him because genetically he isn’t a good match with Akira and Denali and we just can’t afford to keep a stud that is only compatible with one female.

We also had some struggles with keeping such a small dog when our place is set up for bigger dogs.

Duke is our newest addition and an absolute joy to have around. He will be our future Bernedoodle stud and with his very well health tested lines, will not only produce pretty babies but healthy ones as well.

Duke’s transition to living here has been a smooth one. He has settled right in with the rest of the pack and gets along well with everyone...especially Denali.

Akira and Denali have matured to become such gorgeous dogs. Denali is 95 lbs and Akira is 75 lbs. They’ll be a year old on September 9th. Next year will be an exciting one as we will get their preliminary OFA testing done and will breed them for F1 Bernedoodle puppies.

Last is Ronnie. Our little, feisty girl is enjoying life and taking her sweet time coming into heat again. Since she had a clean bill of health from the vet we planned to breed her again, but nature has its own idea on timing. 

I’m also realizing that I need to get some new pictures of Ronnie.

Only 6 dogs…

When people ask how many dogs we have I say, “only six” as if it’s no big deal. That’s always met with gasps and wide eyes.

For a little while though, we had so many dogs coming and going that it’s nice to have “only six”. 

Quiet on the home front

Right now we are enjoying a relatively quiet season here at Joley Aire which gives us a good chance to evaluate where we are, our goals, take a bit of a rest, and focus on our family life.

We recently went on a short camping trip to Mark Twain Lake in Missouri. I would highly recommend the Indian Creek Campground. It was quiet and clean and had stunning lake views and water access. 

The camping trip was enhanced by the fact we could use my aunt and uncle’s boat for tubing and rides.

I wanted to bring Duke along with us, but with three small kids, I decided not to make life harder on myself.

We are looking forward to school starting as our oldest will be going to Kindergarten. I’m going to write more about my thoughts on that soon, so be on the lookout for that post.