Breeder's Log #2 - Taking Home a Puppy

The day you take home your puppy is always very exciting. A lot of our puppy owners say that they barely sleep the night before and it’s no wonder: adding a new furry family member is a big deal!

Today we said “goodbye for now” to Leslie Knope from our Parks and Rec litter. She is the second to last to go and it’s hard to believe that they were only born 9 short weeks ago. We poured so much into this litter and feel so good about sending them to their new homes having done all we can to give them a great start.

We know that bringing a puppy home can be both exciting and daunting so we try to make the appointment as informative and encouraging as possible. Here’s how it would go if you were to take home one of our puppies:


When you first walk in our door, you probably won’t make it very far because your new, fluffy puppy will be the first thing greeting you. After that initial greeting in the doorway, we will invite you into our living room to talk and play some more.

While you are enjoying those first puppy kisses, we will start our New Puppy Training. The training begins with a little talk on the Puppy Culture training protocol they have gone through and how to continue their training. We’ll go over some basic tips for:

  • Potty training

  • Leash training

  • Crate training

  • Basic commands and manners


Then, we do a short grooming demonstration on one of our adult dogs. It took me years to figure out proper brushing techniques and since we breed high maintenance coated dogs we like to make sure you are very well prepared in this area of dog care.

That will segway into basic dog care such as feeding, health, and veterinary care.


Of course, we can’t let you leave without your puppy pack and gifts so we’ll take a moment to go over what’s included.

We’ll wrap it up by offering to answer any questions or calm any fears or nerves you might have and then process your final payment and sign the last contract.

I like to think of our puppy Adoption days as a party and they can be very fun for all of us! Today’s was especially awesome…

Way back in 2017, Luke adopted Ari Jean from Reagan’s first litter. Well, when his sister Alyson wanted a puppy, he was sure to tell her about us! So, today when Alyson came to pick up Leslie, Luke tagged along and brought Ari! It was so fun to watch Reagan meet one of her puppies and we loved seeing how she looked all grown up.


Ari Jean has these cute little ringlet curls that make her fur super soft. She has amazing long legs and runs crazy fast like a deer. She was obedient and fun loving and Luke says she is the best dog ever. 

Reagan was more interested in all the people giving her attention and seemed sort of indifferent to her adult daughter. Ronnie gave Ari a sniff and then sauntered over to her chair to take a nap. She didn’t care much for the new dog or people in her house. Typical Ronnie.

Of course, Leslie stole the show with her fluffy, newly bathed fur and rumbly, tumbly antics. She will be missed, but we know that Alyson will give her an amazing home!

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